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The Clear Choice in Precision Glassblowing

what we do

Capabilities to Meet Your Glass Fabrication Needs


itro Technology, Ltd will work with you to fabricate custom scientific glass components that meet your exacting requirements.

We will offer Practical suggestions to your glass challenges!

A major x-ray tube manufacturer came to us to assist them in producing a precision glass x-ray tube that they were manufacturing. We reduced our clients cost by nearly 50% by modifying their old manufacturing methods in doing so we also reduced the amount of raw material they required and maintained the precision quality that they were accustomed to receiving.

Some of the Products we have Manufactured

  • AutoAnalyzer Glassware
  • Coils
  • Cuvette Washers
  • Electron Tube Envelopes
  • Flowcells
  • Fritted Ware
  • Glass to Metal Seals
  • Glass to Sapphire Sealing
  • ICP Components
  • Jet Engine Igniters
  • Lab Glass
  • Lamp & Lighting Components
  • Manifolds
  • Glass Cutting
  • Glass Drilling
  • Prototypes
  • Research & Development
  • Stems
  • UV Lamps
  • Water Jackets
  • X-ray Tubes

Precision Lamps for Precise Results




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