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High and Low Pressure UV Mercury Vapor Lamps

Low pressure mercury vapor lamp hg-2 lamp

Low Pressure Mercury Vapour Lamp HG-2 Lamp

High and Low Pressure UV Mercury Vapor Lamps

Our low and high pressure mercury vapor lamps used for applications such as photochemical processing, fluorimetry, mercury analyzers, medical and environmental equipment, and fixed wavelength detectors.

Low Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamp HG-2 Lamp

Compact low pressure, low voltage Mercury vapor lamp type HG2, principally for use in scientific instrumentation. This lamp has a highly stable output predominantly at the 253.7 nm Mercury line. When use with the Heraus C430 power supply the line output is much higher than, and the stability comparable to, that of a Deuterium lamp. Other lines, which total 20% of the output, are at 313 nm, 365 nm, 404 nm and 435 nm.


The HG2 has a strike voltage requirement of just 21V and a typical power requirement of 2.7 Watt, making this lamp especially suitable for use in portable instruments.

  • Mercury analyzers

  • Wavelength calibration

  • Fixed wavelength detectors

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