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Hollow Cathode Lamps

Hollow Cathode Lamps by Heraeus

Hollow Cathode Lamps for AA

Hollow cathode lamps (HCL) are discharge lamps designed for use in Atomic Absorption (AA) instruments. They consist of a cathode made from the element of interest, an anode and an inert filler gas contained in a glass envelope. We offers the widest selection of single- and multi-element coded / non-coded in low and high-current, 37 mm and 50 mm lamps in the industry.

Our hollow cathode lamps are used by discerning scientist globally.  The range includes standard lamps and data-coded versions for PerkinElmer and ThermoFisher atomic absorption spectrometers. Lamps for use with Smith-Hieftje background correction can also be offered:

  • 70 single-element lamps

  • More than 120 multi-element lamps with up to seven combined elements

  • Customary diameters 1 ½” and 2″

  • Low-current and high-current versions

  • Standard and encoded lamps

  • Long life due to higher gas volume

  • Clear signals and low distortion due to special cathode technology

  • Can be used for almost any AA instrument

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