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Scientific Glassblowing


Scientific Glassblowing


Vitro Technology, Ltd. was started in 1980 by George Davis as a manufacturer of consumable scientific glassware for Technicon Continuous Flow AutoAnalyzer.  Shortly thereafter we began to manufacture x-ray and power tubes for Machlett Labs a Raytheon Company.

Our scientific glassware components can be found in electron tubes, power tubes, x-ray tubes and sensitive precision analytical instruments making Vitro the First Choice amongst Original Equipment Manufacturers for their Precision Glass blowing needs.

Whether your needs are for 1 to thousands of pieces Vitro Technology, Ltd. is poised to meet your custom scientific glass blowing needs.

We can help you in designing and engineering parts, from configuration to material selection. We will make your part to print with consistent high quality control standards.

We pride ourselves on developing close working relationships with our clients to understand their custom scientific glass blowing needs.

Should you need special parts where glass is the best choice, contact us!

Let us put our years of experience to work for you. We want you to be one of our valued customers…

Clear Choice quality

Our responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and measurements, that the level of quality Vitro Technolgy provides meets or exceeds our customers expectations.

Quality is not a coincidence. Your precision scientific glass components are manufactured under constant and conscientious monitoring. The quality assurance standards of ISO 9000 are not a challenge at Vitro Technology, Ltd. but rather a confirmation of what we have always done.

Adherence to guidelines and continuous process improvement for our customers and employees is an integral part of our commitment to world-class products and customer service.

From the moment of your request Vitro’s quality process is set in motion.

We begin by evaluating the availability of the raw glass material suitable for your application.

Once the glass has arrived at our Connecticut manufacturing facility it is thoroughly checked to ensure it meets our specifications. Once the glass gets through incoming inspection it is ready to be placed into our glass blowing production area. At various pre-determined manufacturing operations the glass components are checked by our Quality Assurance Team to ensure that the components will comply with your final specifications.  After the final annealing process the glass components are inspected prior to shipping.

Quality enables flexibility.

Continually optimizing all of our operational and administrative process to improve our competitiveness is fundamental to Vitro Technology’s efforts for total customer satisfaction.

Is Glass the Right Material?

The Choice is yours–But we can help you make it!

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