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Vitro Technology, Ltd. Your Scientific Glassblowing Source

Our Scientific Glassware and Quartz components are engineered and manufactured to customer-specific requirements. Here at Vitro our glassblowers work with a variety of borosilicate and quartz materials to cater to your scientific and industrial glass blowing needs. We can manufacture custom scientific glassware and custom laboratory glass in quantities from one to thousands.


Why Contact Vitro Technology, Ltd. for Your Custom Scientific Glassblowing


Because you have exacting requirements. And we combine experience, personal attention, high quality materials, state-of-the art equipment, and quality control.  That adds up to high quality glass parts, on-time delivery and cost effectiveness.


Custom Scientific Glass blowing is an Art and a Science and in 30 plus years, we’ve learned to join the two for our customers.


Vitro Technology, Ltd. manufactures high-quality products, cost effectively, with the right equipment. We hammer it home through outstanding customer service.


Scientific glassware components for medical, chemical, manufacturing control, defense, OEM applications are precision glass pieces. Vitro has the practical know how to make them meet our customers exacting requirements time and time again.


Our practical know how comes from 30 plus years of experience in custom scientific glassblowing. From utilizing technology to enhance production, quality, and customer service. From glassblowers who’s attention to detail choose exactly the right materials for each job.


These resources help us keep material and tooling cost low, and individual customer attention and product quality high.


Your Custom Scientific Glass Design


It’s really very simple – You Design, We Create!


We work from samples, pencil drawings to blueprints producing what you want accurately and On Time!  Vitro’s Custom Scientific Glass Shop can go from prototype to production. You can email us at and we’ll turn around a quote in no time at all.


We have glass blowers available to you who can assist you with your scientific glass design. From Conceptual Designs to Full Production Vitro can offer you Practical Solutions to your most complex glass and quartz needs.  Vitro can be your single source solution to your glass needs.


Is Glass the Right Material?


The Choice is Yours-But we can help you make it.


Glass has special properties even the newest plastics can’t match. Like high clarity, wide temperature operating ranges, chemical inertness and vacuum integrity. The expansion characteristics of glass can be controlled to match those of other substances. Most glass is also easy to clean and can provide much needed rigidity over a wide range of conditions. Also in special window applications and provide high transmission or selective light absorption and other corrosive materials won’t affect it.


Is Glass for you? Let’s find out Together. Bring us Your Special Project-We’ll Put Our Scientific Glassblowing and Resources to work for You!

Cuvette Washer

Vitro Technology Ltd. Cuvette Washer

  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Cleaning
  • Quick Drying
  • Made in the USA since 1980
Single Cuvette Washer
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